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Imprisoned is dark, full of rust, old pipes and metal panels map for duels and regular deathmatches. I submitted it for Duel Mapping Contest (game Xonotic). The goal was to create a prison-like map — cramped and droughty but preserving good connectivity and flow. Considering small size of this design the item placement is different then usual: Instead of two main pickups, armor and health are spread as much as possible, forcing players to jump around the map using trickjumps.

The map contains plenty of architecture that can be used for TRICKJUMPING. In one of the mapping tutorials (reachingperfection.com) I have read that players love trickjumps. Those obvious as well as the hidden ones. That was the main goal for Imprisoned. Although map has been around the Xonotic servers for a long time, some of the trickjumps hasn't been discovered so far.

This is definitely the smallest map I have ever made. Due to the competition deadline I had very little time to finish it (I was working on other duel map for the same competition: SilentSiege). Although there was litlle time to finish both projects I submitted them and gathered plenty of positive feedback. The final version is a result of listening to this feedback.

I added rock to create the feeling that whole construction is carved in a huge boulder. Isolations and grates as well as small hand-written texts on the walls make you feel anxious and even scared. Only in the middle there is a window overlooking sky but it's isolated by grates.

VIII 2012
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