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Silentsiege is a clean, futuristic map for a tactical vertical gameplay. I submitted this map for a duel mapping competition (game Xonotic) and took 2nd place. Watch out for the explosive barrels!

First screenshot features center of the map with machinegun, rocketlauncher on the bottom, some shards up top. From there there is an easy access to both of the major items. The middle shot shows 50 health, electro area with a hallway leading to the room with nex (sniper rifle) located on the right, next to the explosive barrels. Left picture presents mega health room (pickup is on the bottom).

It is quite a big map for the game standards, although it provides great possibilities for an out-of-control player who can easily stack up avoiding his opponent for a longer while. Level is made of 3 main areas on different haights with connections that provide good map flow.

Proper item placement requires tactical thinking and good sense of time. Two important items are far apart — a player is thus required to be very fast and skillful to obtain both of them. First picture shows mega armor area which might be a good place for setting a trap. On the other side (on the bottom level) there is plenty of armor and health shards a player can gather safely out of sight.

Video featuring 2v2 TDm match on this map.

VI 2012