Catharsis is a CTF level with clean walls made of concrete. Map reflects its name - everything on it is clarus: starting from base with simple structures based on cubes and hexagons, rectangular hallways with cubic lamps going through the open center surrounded with rocks.

Perfect for bigger teams (4-6 in each). Most action will take place in the large bases or in the center where both teams will be fighting for a strength - the most powerfull pickup in game. When playing the map you have to be carefull with splash weapons though. If you shoot the barrels, they will explode causing huge damage.

Map is difficult for attacking, especially when at lest 2 enemy players are defending theit base. If they are equipped with many resources - they can efficently protect their flag for a long time. Therefore the map requires good teamplay. This video shows very skilled player winning the game for his team, enjoy: